Sunday, November 8, 2015

VPNs and Proxies - Getting Past the Great Firewall of China (free and not free comparisons)

If you are in China (or planning on going to China) you will need to prepare yourself with "The Great Firewall of China." Most people know that China censors and blocks a lot of things. They also throttle (slow down) a lot of websites and services. Having lived in China for almost the past two years, I want to share some methods for getting past this and once again enjoying some semblance of internet freedom.

Note: If you are reading this article, it means you either are currently not in China, or you already have a VPN or Proxy of sorts (blogger is blocked in China). If you are not yet in China, I HIGHLY suggest that you download a few of the options I give to you and put the file on a USB drive as well as email them to yourself so you have access to them. If you already have a VPN or Proxy, hopefully this guide will help you know what you can try next that will better suit your needs.
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