Sunday, November 22, 2015

Where to Buy 3 Inch Embroidery Hoops in the UK

I used to sell some awesome 3 inch wooden embroidery hoops in my shops...

... they were perfect for making little crafty ornaments, or framing mini embroidery projects like this embroidered heart.

But now I've quit selling craft supplies I no longer sell them.... so where else can you buy them? I get asked this by former customers and also wanted to know myself, for when my remaining stash of mini hoops runs out!

Here are some UK-based online shops I've found that currently sell 3 inch embroidery hoops:

Blooming Felt (one of my current sponsors) sells 3 and 4 inch embroidery hoops

Paper and String sell 3 inch wooden embroidery hoops

The Bellwether (one of my current sponsors) sells 3 inch and 4 inch wooden hoops

Hobbycraft sell 3 inch flexible faux woodgrain hoops (I used to sell these too once upon a time, they are pretty cute!).

And Overspill on Etsy sells 3 inch plastic embroidery hoops, and some even smaller hoops too! 

Big Fish on Etsy (one of my current sponsors) also now stocks 3 inch wooden embroidery hoops.

Bits and Bats (a haberdashery wholesaler) also sell 3 inch wooden hoops.

And for really small hoops, try Dandelyne on Etsy who sells handmade hoops that are a tiny 1.6 and 2.2 inches. 

If you've found any other shops (in the UK or elsewhere) that stock mini embroidery hoops please do leave a link in the comments :)

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