Friday, November 27, 2015

Yo Dawg I Heard You Like Nails

Today's manicure had innocent beginnings... and then grew into something much more than itself.

Confused? You must not spend enough time on the internet! This image above was inspired by the "Yo Dawg" meme featuring Xzibit and inspired by Pimp My Ride. It's basically a reference to the outlandish things he would put in people's cars in the later episodes of the show. For example, if the person liked fish, the Pimp My Ride team would build an aquarium in their car. The first iteration of this meme went, "Yo dawg I heard you like cars so we put a car in your car so you can drive while you drive," pointing out the ridiculousness of the things they would add.

So back to the nails. I painted these hands and tiny nails on my nails without thinking of this meme in particular, just imagining that I would call it "nails on hands on nails on hands." Then I showed Rebecca, and she immediately said, "You have to call it 'Yo Dawg I Heard You Like Nails." As soon as she said it I thought "Duh, of course I am going to do that. Who could ignore such a brilliant bit of comedy genuis."

I began with a gradient base using American Apparel L'Esprit and Zoya Malia. Then, I freehanded on the tiny hands using OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. It was really frustrating to do the hands, but in the end I am happy with the way they came out. Then, I added the tiny purple nails in OPI Funky Dunkey. They were also pretty hard to paint, considering how small they are.

I love the silliness of these.

So, yup. That's today's nail nonsense! Even if you don't understand the meme reference, I hope you can still get on board with how reflexive these nails are!

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