Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Zoya Fall 2013 PixieDust Textured Polish Swatches

I know I say this every time I post textured polish swatches, but I LOVE THE TEXTURED TREND! I think when everyone is over it (heaven forbid), I'll still be gobbling them up. Zoya is really doing a great job in keeping up with this trend, and for Fall 2013 they've released six new textures that are bound to delight!

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Arabella is a lovely fuchsia with silver shimmer accents. It's a nicely pigmented shade and appropriately fall-like without being too muted. Two coats.

Zoya Arabella

Carter is a blackened purple with tiny pink glitter. I definitely expected this one to be my favorite, and while I do like it a lot, a few of the others from this collection stole my heart instead! Still, a beautiful shade and I know a rich purple is something that has been missing from the texture spectrum. Two coats.

Zoya Carter

Chita is a forest green with gold sparkle. The sparkle is really abundant in this one and the green shade is SO fall. I wore this one for a couple of days and really enjoyed it. Two coats.

Zoya Chita

Dhara is a popsicle orange with heavy gold shimmer. This feels like more of a summer shade to me but I'm not complaining because I'm obsessed with this one. The orange is so vibrant and gorgeous! Two coats.

Zoya Dhara

Sunshine is described as a "Van Gogh blue" which is actually pretty accurate, in my opinion! While I don't understand the naming logic here, I still like the denim effect of this deep navy. Two coats.

Tomoko is a pale champagne-colored metallic. This is my favorite in the collection. I have a thing for light polishes with my pale skin, and I just think that this color is so beautiful. I imagine that this would be flattering on most other skin tones, too. Two coats.

Zoya Tomoko

The formulas on these polishes were easy to use and easy to control. They weren't thick or clumpy at all. I was able to use two coats on all of them, which is great because I feel like anything over two coats on a textured polish makes it take too long to dry. Maybe that's just me though. :)

So... I'm basically obsessed with these. Tomoko and Dhara are my top picks, but I think they are all worth checking out if you are a texture fiend like me.

Zoya Fall PixieDusts can be purchased via Zoya.com. Again, if you are purchasing between now and 11:59pm EST on 8/25/13, use the code "SCHOOL" to take advantage of their buy one get one free promo!

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