Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Frankenstein French and Simple Stitched Moons

Frankenstein French and Stitched Moons by @chalkboardnails

Happy Halloween! I was still rocking my flannel nail art yesterday, and was going to leave it on today, but I couldn't let the holiday pass without doing some festive nail art. I did this quick manicure last night, and love the simplicity! It's like a deconstructed Frankenstein's monster, and took maybe 10 minutes to do each hand.

Frankenstein French and Stitched Moons by @chalkboardnails

I began by applying base coat to protect my nails. Then I used French tip Nail Vinyls to block off my tips, and painted on two coats of China Glaze But of Corpse.

Then, I used a small nail art brush and black polish to paint on the stitched moons.

I finished the look with topcoat because I had to seal in the stitched art, but it's worth mentioning that But of Corpse dries with a really gorgeous matte finish. The black glitter almost gives it a textured effect!

Frankenstein French and Stitched Moons by @chalkboardnails

I'm also wearing a fun spiderweb cat-eye look today, which you can see on my Instagram! I love Halloween!

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